September 04, 2019



November 29, 2018

Ficus Elastica, ;adders, rubber 

"Sela Kyumenoo" (Elemental rock)

June 14, 2017

A site specific installation, inspired by Japanese Zen Gardens and Google Search of the Hebrew expression "Sela Kyumenoo" (literally: the rock of our existence") 

Second Nature

March 14, 2017

A Dual Exhibition with the artist Ofri Marom at the Alfred gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

Illusion Flow

November 03, 2016

A Dual show with the artist Rotem Reshef, Beeri Gallery, Curator: Ziva Yalin 

Rubber Garden

June 07, 2016

Final MFA  at Haifa University 

Stone, Silicone

February 11, 2016

 An installation at Artspace TLV, with artist Liat Segal, Curator: Dalia Danon 


November 05, 2015


Sunny side up

April 30, 2015


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